Our programs are exclusively designed to train our students using the guidelines of healthy, appropriate, and productive goals. The benefits of these lessons extend beyond our classes to advantage their behavior so they succeed in school, at home, and in extracurricular activities. We achieve results by focusing on three key areas: personal safety, character education, and health.



Self-defense and fundamentals of martial arts are featured in these classes designed for children ages 6-12 and teens ages 13-17. Character building and leadership skills are the fabric of the programs that include the implementation of our proprietary Character Education. Interactive and engaging, the core curriculum consists of kicking, blocking, and forms.




Introduces real life defense, while focusing on the development of strength, flexibility and cardiovascular ability. This opportunity to thrive in a supportive environment is one that will provide your child some of his or her most valuable life lessons.



An introduction to character education training and advancement of martial arts skills is the focus of these lessons that will resonate in all aspects of a student’s life.The goal of these classes is to teach efficiently as well as effectively. Open only to motivated and dedicated students, training is fast-paced, diverse and detail oriented; resulting in a most rewarding and fulfilling experience.