The Dojo Beginner Program is $39.95 a person and includes:
-2 weeks of Martial Arts Classes
-A Uniform with Dojo Logo and first belt
-The opportunity to observe classes and speak with our professional instructors
-A chance to see if our class schedule will work for you
-A one on one consultation with the Chief Instructor to review your strengths and your goals 
As a christian based and family friendly martial arts school, we encourage parents to stay and watch their children’s classes.  
We want you, as a parent, to see their accomplishments first hand. 
When you and/or your child become a martial arts student you join a family that works together.  
You will improve your physical strength and stamina.  
As well as developing better focus and concentration, greater self-discipline, competency in self-defense and, most importantly, increased self-confidence.
Our goal is to empower our students with valuable skills for their daily life and for them to contribute to a safe and peaceful community.